Sunday, 3 August 2014

Colourful Aztec

Wow, this has been one crazy week! If you follow me on twitter (here) then you'll know that i have been going to a series of interviews, and i found out yesterday that i got the job! I have joined a private nail and beauty college, and will be learning there and doing an apprenticeship at the same time, and the apprenticeship is going to be at the DoubleTree Hilton Beauty and Spa! I could not be happier, its my dream job! So with all this going on i have not found the time to blog, but I'm back with some nail art!

I realised the other day that i haven't done aztec nails in forever! I think its important to do more intricate designs every now and again to keep my painting skills up! So this is how it turned out!

I started all my nails off with a light teal colour, and painted the rest using my new acrylic paints! I used a light purple, orange and baby pink.

Each finger has a separate design, but still keeping with the theme

I then used two coats of Seche Vite to even out all the paint, and they're done!

I hope you like this weeks nails!
Love Chelsea x

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