Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Products that suck.

Before i start this post, i want to just reassure people that these are ALL of my own opinions, and not fact, so if you happen to love one of these products then good for you, i actually envy you as i hate wasting things. Something that really doesn't work for me might work for you and i guess that's what this billion dollar industry is all about, if we all liked and used the same products then there wouldn't be the massive variety in the first place! So now that's sorted, lets get on with the post!

1. Thick & Fast Flash-Extensions Effect Mascara - Soap & Glory.

Now, i love Soap & Glory as much as the next girl, so when i said i would treat me and my little sister to a new mascara, i decided to hit the Soap & Glory makeup counter and picked up two of these mascaras for £10.50 each. I was and still am SO disappointed in this mascara. Its such a wet formula that it is unable to separate your lashes, it did nothing for the length and it did nothing for volume. And it was so wet that it just went everywhere, and i like to think I'm a bit of a pro at applying mascara, so it couldn't of been my fault!

 I expected so much more from such a good brand and the price, retailing it at more than Maybelline mascara's. I even asked my sister what she thought, and she felt bad for telling me how bad she was finding it because she knew i had bought it for her. The only thing that could be making it worse is that me and my sister have very long lashes, and i sometimes find i have different opinions on mascaras than others. But even if i had super short lashes i can't see how this mascara would give me a flash-extension effect.

2. Barry M Lipstick in 101

I was looking for the perfect nude, and when i tested this on the back of my hand it seemed like such a good colour. So the first thing i did when i got home was try it out, and i ended up looking like i had smothered my lips in foundation. I took it off and tried applying less, nope still looked like a pale-lipped clown. I took it off again and tried dabbing it on my lips, nope it still looked so terrible. 

(You can barely see the colour on my hand, but it is there promise!) Now i understand that people can pull of lip colours that others couldn't, as we all have different skin tones and whatnot, but i am really struggling to see who would suit this lipstick! Surely if someone put it on who was much darker skinned than me it would come up even paler on them? Maybe I'm wrong, but either way this colour still sucks.

3. Cover Up Stick by Collection

Now we all know about the wonder concealer that is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I swear by it! So when my Rimmel Hide the Blemish (review here) was close to running out i hit boots to go pick another one up, and i saw this. It is the exact same concept as my Rimmel blemish concealer, a thick concealer in a lipstick type packaging. The colour was spot on too, so i bought it. I soon found out that the only good thing about this concealer was the colour! It smells funny, it doesn't blend and it doesn't hide blemishes. How can Collection invent something as perfect as Lasting Perfection and then invent this rubbish concealer? Truly baffling.

4. Highlights by Technic

I really wanted to buy the Benefit High Beam but couldn't afford the price tag. So on my mission to find a cheaper version i came across Technic on Amazon. And this came across my screen, and it seemed too good to be true, especially for £2.55. I am now actually disappointed in myself for even purchasing this. I am all for a good dupe, but this is just an extremely bad copy. The product is rubbish, i dint even know what i would describe it as, but its certainly not a highlighter. 

I mean, come on!! This is ridiculous! Surely benefit can sue or something? A very bad copy bordering on stealing. And i am now officially apologising for Benefit for being tricked into buying this! 

5. Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer

You know when you first buy a product before the hype and you think "this is amazing" and then it becomes public knowledge and suddenly brands everywhere are bringing out that same product that makes your original look and feel like crap? That's what happened to me with this primer, i bought this last year, and i had to google what a primer was! It seemed great at the time, and then i tried a primer from NYX and it put my Maybelline one to shame. I wouldn't say this primer sucked, it just can no longer compete. However my mum loves this and works so much better on her than me, so she just gets all my old ones!
And these are the products that in my opinion sucked. They need to bring a system where you can get your money back from buying makeup! I'd be saving a fortune!

Have you got these products? What are your opinions? I would actually love to see if anyone found these products to be good?
Love Chelsea x



    1. that is never happening, I'd look like a freak of nature!