Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Top Three Lip Products UPDATE #1

A few months back i did a post of my top three lip products that can be found here, but as you all know i have recently gotten over my phobia of lipstick and its quickly becoming my obsession, so since doing the post of 'getting braver with lipstick' i now that i have ALOT more lip products so i decided this post needed an update and fast!
First I'll start off with this lovely lip liner! Its from Collection and is in the shade 12 Pink Heaven.

This liner is so close to my natural lip colour, so i can really define my lips, especially my cupids bow, and i can also outline a little further from my lips to make them look bigger. Lip liner had always scared me, the thought of drawing around your lip was one i found hard to come to terms with, but now i use this and i will continue do so for a long time! It really is such a great colour and pencil, my advice is to make sure its nice and sharp before use.

The next lip product that has made it into my top three is the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in 630 Coral Britannia. 

This is the perfect nude for me, I'd say it had a touch of peach and not coral as the name would suggest, but i just really like it and i know it would go with every makeup look because the colour is so versatile and lovely. The colour surprisingly lasts a long time despite it being quite nude, there is literally nothing wrong with this lipstick.

And the final lip product that is my favourite right now is the Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in 015 Tutti Frutti.

I am obsessed with these Lip Butters, and i can't wait to get paid so i can go get some more! They feel like a dream on your lips, so smooth and moisturising without any stickiness whatsoever. The colour pay off is great too, you can add a hint of colour by just one coat, but you can add more coats to really intensify the colour. The thing i love about this shade is the orange-ness in it. I was genuinely surprised by how much i liked it on me! I also love the way i can control how subtle i want this colour to be, and it almost look like its two separate shades when i have it subtle or dramatic. If you like the lip butters, i would totally suggest this shade!

Whats your favourite lip product? Do you use any of these, if so do you love them too?
Love Chelsea x


  1. The Revlon lip butters are probably my favourite product ever! I'm obsessed!x


    1. me too! I can't wait to purchase my next one :) x