Tuesday, 15 July 2014

MAC's Luna review!

So basically i have been saving up for MAC's Soft and Gentle highlighter, it always looks so beautiful on people, so when i went to Liverpool last week i went into MAC and i walk inside all excitable, find the highlighter, swatched it and...well i was disappointed. I expected so much more, and i was being a bit over dramatic about it and one of the MAC girls came to me, so i told her all about it, and we decided that I'm a cream highlighter kind of girl. I like the sheen, that dewy look. So she sits me down in the chair and shows me all these products from the Cream Colour Base selection, and she shows me Luna and says she thinks this one will be perfect because of my pale complexion. It just looked like a white colour, i didn't see how it would work but she told me to trust her and she put it on me and oh my days i fell in love. It was perfect and everything that i think a highlighter should be. 

In my eyes, a highlighter should reflect light on to the parts of your face that you want people to catch their eyes on. So i put it on top of my cheekbones and my cupids bow. A true highlighter should move whilst you do, it should shine when you move your head or glow when you catch the sun on your face. For me, highlighting is my favourite part of doing my makeup and it is very important. This is why i love Luna.

 Becky (the mua) was saying how much she liked it and i could tell she was being genuine, so i bought it. She taught me how to apply it, which is with your ring finger and dab and blend. The consistency is a strange one, you don't pick up the product, you just kind of swirl your finger in it, and your left with this white-ish shine, but don't be fooled, it looks different once blended!

I've used it about three times since and i love it so much. It also lasts ALL day, I'm not even kidding, once its on it stays on, even when i wore it on a sunny hot day it didn't budge. So here's a few swatches, i think the Colour Cream bases are in other colours too, like a golden yellow one and a pink one so there should be one for every skin type.

Love Chelsea x


  1. I love your blog so have nominated you for The Liebster Award! Have a look at my last post for the details!:)xx