Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Pedicure for the Beach

I often paint the staff's nails here, so when a nurse asked me to do a pedicure for her holiday i didn't think twice. This nurse is very girly, she is my fellow beauty lover and although we have different tastes we can talk about beauty and makeup all day long. She asked me for a pedicure that will look good with her tan on the beach, and she wanted me to use this new neon pink polish she had bought. This is what i came up with!

When i did this manicure i currently had my ombre stud nails on which you can see here, the nurse had never seen gradient nail art before and she told me she wanted the same, so i did a pink ombre and then because she wanted to look glamorous at the beach i added some small diamonds! 

It was actually really hard doing a pedicure, i hadn't done nail art on toenails before and its strange because all the nails are different sizes, one minute you were working on a much bigger nail than on your fingers, and then you had to do the same design on a little toenail (which are annoyingly tiny) but it was all good practise and i really did like how they look and will definitely start doing nail art on my toes.

So these were my beach ready toenails! 
I hope you like them
Love Chelsea x


  1. Great pedicure! I think the gradient with the pinks look awesome, and it's a great finish with the studs down the middle. I wish I was closer to you so you could do pedicures for me! I may be good with fingernails, but rubbish with feet :P

    Check out my post about Amsterdam: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2014/07/camping-in-amsterdam.html

    1. aw thankyou! And i'd do pedicures for you all day long if i could, and your amsterdam post was a great read :) x