Sunday, 22 June 2014

Ombre Studs

I bought some holographic studs from Ebay and i have been waiting for an opportunity to use them, so i sat down at my desk with no real design in mind and just went with it. I think the best designs are the spontaneous ones! So this is what i came up with, a blue and green ombre effect.

I really like these, and i have always found that ombre's remind me of summer! Which was quite fitting after the beautiful weather this weekend. I also love holographic things and the way they twinkle when moved. 

To do the ombre i painted all my nails blue, then on a flat side of a sponge i painted a line of blue and a line of green and then dabbed the sponge on to the nail, and quickly adding a top coat to blend it all together. The trick with ombre's is to do them quickly, spend too much time and you'll probably ruin it!
Once all dried i added a line of nail glue, and using a dotting tool i added the blue studs and then the green studs, so the ombre all matched!

The colours i used were Rimmels 60 Seconds in 842 Too Cool To Tango (which is probably one of my favourite blue polishes!) and a pale green Essie polish.

And that's this weeks design, i hope you like it!
Love Chelsea x


  1. Oh wow, this design looks amazing! It reminds me of mermaids :)

    1. aw thanks :) and ha yeah i can see that too! x