Tuesday, 24 June 2014

'Beauty Do's and Dont's' #TOTW

This weeks #TOTW (topic of the week) is beauty do's and dont's! I think different people have different opinions, so i got a few friends to help out with this blog post.

Beauty do's:

Clean your skin! I cleanse your face every morning, so you have lovely clean skin as a base for your makeup. - Me

Don't use heat on your hair, i have found falling back in love with your natural hair whether its curly or straight can work wonders - Danielle Blunt

Use baby powder to stop your hair going greasy - Krisi Adamson

Use a brush to apply foundation - Krisi Adamson

Shave yours legs twice and moisturise after! - Krisi Adamson

Maintain a good eyebrow shape but don't go too heavy on the pencil, avoid the stencil and work to your natural shape - Danielle Blunt.

If you've painted your nails, make sure you remove the polish from the skin around your nail as it just looks messy and like its been done by a small child, having a crisp nail polish makes all the difference, trust me! - Me

Hair should have volume and waves; use mousse, wrap your hair in a bun while wet and spritz sea salt spray and then leave to dry! - Aimee Wilson

Eyebrow bone highlighting i adore - Abbey Fitzhenry

Things i like are the contoured look - Abbey Fitzhenry

I like seeing people and thinking "they're skin looks amazing" and not loads of foundation - Rebecca Cooper

If your gonna do something, make sure you do it properly. Its just one of those things - Rebecca Cooper

I think makeup should not be too noticeable. Gods made girls as beautiful as they are, so all the fakeness just hides or distracts from that! - John Reynolds

I would say most prefer subtlety. Its a bit like if a guy drew a six pack on and it was really obvious, you know they don't really look like that so it not that attractive - John Reynolds

Beauty dont's:

Please people, make sure your makeup shades match your skin tone! Theres nothing worse than dark skin covered in ghostly white foundation, and light skin looking like you've been rolling around in a wotsits packet! - Me

Nude lips look lovely and classy, lips covered in a colour that looks like youve just covered them in concealer just looks weird. Not sorry. - Me

"Big hair" "Whats wrong with big hair?" "It just looks weird"...(I must admit i agree with that statement) - George Reid

My massive don't is foundation lines under the chin! - Lauren Knight

If you can't apply eyeliner equally don't apply it at all. No eyeliner is so much better than one winged and the other one smudged! - Lauren Jennings

Slick hair, i can't stand it especially gelled back hair during summer! Baby hairs are cute, natural and give you a bit of character. A loose curl here or there isn't going to hurt anybody - Lauren Jennings

Make sure you do your makeup with the weather in mind, if you have a full face of foundation in the sun, it all sweats off and looks like sandpaper - Rebecca Cooper

I hate girls with massive fake eyelashes because you can't see they're eyes! - Rebecca Cooper

If you are in the goth and emo scene, the same rules apply, if black lipstick doesn't match your skint tone, don't wear it! - Rebecca Cooper

What are your opinions? Is there one us guys have missed? If so comment below and i will add you to the list! 
Love Chelsea...and everyone else who participated! x

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