Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Getting Braver with Lipstick

So, i recently tested out some lip glosses from Arbonne which i did a review on here, and i tried on six different colours. Now normally i stick to natural, dark pink coloured lips and i have always been very shy around lipstick, mainly because i hate my lips and my smile. However, i really was surprised how much i liked having different lip colours on, so a few days later i went to Boots in the hunt of coral lipsticks, and i have been using them for a while now and i am now a lover of lipstick!

I hit the Revlon section first as they are my favourite for my lip products, and there was so much choice i was totally overwhelmed, but then i found 825 Lovers Coral and knew it was the one for me!

Lovers Coral is a peachy/coral shade, and its part of the Revlons Super Lustrous collection, and it feels so smooth on the lips. The thing i like best is that its totally buildable, i can do a quick swipe across the lips or i can build it up and then blot with tissue paper for a very sophisticated look. 

The second lip product i got that day was the Rimmels Colour Rush balm in 700 Not An Illusion. Its a balm and its just lovely to apply, and its feels so moisturising and light on the lips. They also smell like vanilla, and i love vanilla, so I'm very happy with this product!

Not An Illusion is a like a dark coral. Some people say its more peachy but on my skin it definitely looks more coral!

I am so happy i am overcoming my fear of lipsticks and i can't wait to buy more! 
Does anyone have any suggestions of colours or brands i should look out for?
Love Chelsea x


  1. Not an illusion is my new favourite lipstick. I really love the color and formula, it feels so creamy! I bought 4 more shades, but this is the one I use daily. Oh, recently I tried some lipsticks from B., they were quite nice!

    1. it really is a lovely shade to have on your lips!