Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Arbonne Lip Polish Review

I was recently asked by the lovely Sharon Hodgson (her twitter here) to test drive and review some products from Arbonne. I was more than happy to oblige, and when the package came i was overwhelmed by the amount of skin care and makeup! I cannot wait to use them all and review their potential, and i thought i would kick off this series of blog posts by sharing my views on the Arbonne Lip Polish!

Firstly, these lip polishes are super pigmented, i only got sample sizes but even those will last a couple of applications. I have made it known that i am not the greatest lover of lip gloss, but Arbonne describes these polishes as giving superior shine without the stickiness and i completely agree. I was given six lip polishes, and the first i tried was Brown Sugar.

This was my least favourite colour, simply due to the fact that i am too pale to pull of a brown lip colour, but it would be gorgeous for those who have darker skin.


Nude is a beige coloured lip gloss, again this is quite a dark colour and in my opinion is better suited to be worn over a lip stick than on its own so i will be trying that next time!


I found that Pearl was quite similar to Nude but had a gold shimmer which made it look really lovely on the lips, and again would work best when teamed with a lipstick.


Posh is a gorgeous pink colour without it being too bright. I think this is the most versatile lip colour for all skin types. I loved that i found this polish to be very pigmented but still sheer at the same time.

Raisin is a super pigmented dark purple colour, and it is my favourite shade out of the lot! It just looks so dark and vampy and i like that its not a very "girly" shade, much more suited to my personal tastes. The colour lasts for hours too which is something i always look for. 


And last but not least we have Coral, when i put some of the gloss on my finger it looked extremely orange so i was a bit nervous when putting it on, but it looked more peach than orange once on the lips, making it my second favourite! A lip colour perfect for the summer!

And that's all of the lip polishes, i think there is a couple more to be found on the Arbonne website but i have been pleasantly surprised by how much i like these lip polishes.

Have you tried any of the Arbonne makeup range?
Love Chelsea x


  1. Never heard of this brand, but I'm really impressed with the colors! I actually think you rocked that brown color really well :)


    1. I hadnt heard from it either but i am currently testing some of their other products and they are really good! And why thankyou ;) x