Monday, 24 March 2014

Feeling Nautical

Having sailor themed nails is a theme i come back to again and again, i love how you can change it up each time yet using the same colours. It also makes my nails feel like a pretty cool accessory to my outfits! 

I went for quite a simple yet fun design by swapping the colours i used on each hand and quite thick stripes (because every nautical design needs white stripes!) on three fingers.

Right hand:

Left hand:

For my thumb and ring finger i decided to make anchors out of some small round gold studs i have and i am so chuffed with how they turned out! And the background colour alternates between my two hands too.

The colours i used were Maybelline MiniColorama in 150 Fruit Juice and BarryM Nail Paint in Cobalt Blue

I hope you like this weeks design! If you ever think of something you would like to see on my nails don't be afraid to ask!
Love Chelsea x

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