Thursday, 6 March 2014

Bright Geometric Nails

I was browsing through my nail polish collection that don't make it to the stand, which are in boxes in my bottom drawer, and i came across this fluorescent orange polish by sleek and decided there and then that it was going to be the base for my nail art. The end result is something quite geometric and bright, which is very fitting seeing as us in the UK are going to have our first heat wave of the year, so my nails will match!

These were a joy to paint, nothing too hard and i could actually relax and sit back whilst i did them which was lovely!

I started with the orange as a base, and then with white acrylic paint i painted the top and bottom sections, just to make sure that the nails would be bright and still pop against the orange. I filled in the white with blue and pink, and then i got my black acrylic paint and did the triangles top and bottom. Once it was all dry i added some nail glue to the bottom of the top triangle, and placed a small round diamond to finish the look! I did all this with a long striping brush!

The nail polishes i used are Nailed Polish by Sleek in 22 Florida, Astor Quick'nGo in 353 and a blue W7 Nail Polish that has no name!

I hope you like this weeks design, feel free to comment as i love hearing your opinion on my nail art!
Love, Chelsea x


  1. Such a cool and unique design! I Love it :)