Thursday, 6 February 2014

Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer review

I thought i would review my all time favourite concealer which is the Rimmel Hide The Blemish in Ivory. When i was 13/14 i was a bridesmaid for my Auntie, and all the girls were getting ready together and i found this tube on the floor, i asked around and nobody seemed to own it, so i put it in my makeup bag instead. A couple of weeks later i saw it and realised what it was, and i started to use it over my blemishes and 7 years later i am still using this product every single day.

Hide The Blemish is a really creamy formula and gives you high coverage. My chin is my biggest problem area for breakouts and a few scars and i use this concealer every single day and it covers them perfectly. Another thing i have always loved about this product is the packaging, it is the same as a lipstick tube, fits in any sized bag and it lasts for ages!

 I use the shade 001 Ivory, and it matches my natural paleness really well as a lot of concealers can look quite orange against my skin. Its quite a thick formula, so perfect for covering spots! The one thing i should mention is that if your looking for a concealer for dark under eye circles then i wouldn't use this concealer as its just too thick, it doesn't blend the way a liquid concealer does.

I apply this concealer with the elf concealer brush which gives me a really precise application, i just take some of the concealer onto the brush and then apply where needed!

This is the concealer with just one sweep

I couldn't recommend this product enough and at £3.99 i'm not going to stop using the Hide The Blemish concealer anytime soon.
Whats your favourite concealer for blemishes? Do you like this concealer?
Love Chelsea x


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  2. Good to see such loyalty to a product. I am sure it is a great products. Happy weekend.