Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Camouflage and Stars.

First i would like to say I'm sorry my nail of the week has been a bit late, i did do them on Sunday night as usual but i decided i didn't actually like them very much and took them off! So tonight has been the first time I've had time to do them, so wanted to get this post out asap. Green is my favourite colour ever, so its only natural that i would love camouflage patterns too, and i love that you can find it on clothes, shoes, earphones and...nails!

 This design is a lovely one to look at, and its so versatile and looks good with any outfit, its one i have tried to perfect and have worn a few times which says a lot because i very rarely do the same nail design twice!

To create this design i paint all my nails a carki green, and then layer 'squiggly' lines in browns, creams and greens to create that perfect camouflage. 

And like most of my manicures this design features a loving accent nail. To tie in with the theme, i put green and brown lines either side of the middle, using a different colour for each line until i reach the end, and then i add some small gold stars to the clear space in the middle using nail glue and a dotting tool. 

The nail polish colours i used were Rimmel LycraPro in 520 Camouflage Chic for the base and then Manhatten Rock Topia in 2 and 6, Rimmel LycraPro in 359 Little Brown Dress and MUA All nude

And that's this week's manicure and i hope you like it!
Love Chelsea x


  1. That is so cute!!! <3 i need to try this!!
    Thnx for the nice post dear.

    Btw hun i tagged you in "The Liebster Award Tag " if you get chance,check it out~~^_^