Monday, 27 January 2014

"What's in my handbag" collaboration post!

A few weeks back i saw a fellow beauty blogger asking if anyone wanted to participate in her "Whats in my bag" post, and i thought it was a great idea and joined in!
The post is now up on Natalies (super cute) blog and you can see it now on http://www.natalieblogsmakeup.blogspot.co.uk/
It was fun to do, especially as i love nosey-ing through peoples bags, so Natalie's post is like an online version of that!

This is what's in my bag:

Like most girls, I have a lot of bags but I tend to use this leather backpack I got from bank the most, its well loved. I am one of those people who shoves everything in to my bag, my bag was full of receipts, food wrappers and other quite random things like a fingerpuppet and a shoelace, and i'm sure people don't want to see a photo of that, so i chose to share the main things that i put in whatever bag I'm using that day! Starting at the top, we have a book of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland which is a very sentimental gift from my best friend and its very precious to me. Then we have my passport that i use for ID, a pair of mittens because theres nothing worse than cold hands, and a pack of chewing gum is a must! I use Nivea for all of my skincare and i moisturise throughout the day (quite excessively), so in my bag i have a miniature blue tub and lip butter in caramel creme. Then theres my beautiful mulberry purse that i got for my 18th birthday and some nail glue incase any of my nails come off. Then i always carry atleast three pairs of sunglasses from my collection, even when its winter! Then some deodorant, sure does a compressed aerosol so it fits perfectly in any bag! Then makeup, i buy replicas of my face powder, concealer, lip tint and mascara to keep in my bag, and a small travel size powder brush from Bourjois. I also carry round my Tangle Teezer as my hair gets really knotty in the wind, and a few bobby pins, and thats what i have in my bag!

love chelsea x


  1. cant believe you carry three pairs of sunnies! at least your prepared for every eventuality haha!
    great post!

    www.champagnetote.blogspot.co.uk X

    1. yeah, I hate the sun in my eyes, and I can get away with less eye makeup too, just need for it to be less winter and more summer for me to actually wear them :')