Monday, 20 January 2014

Tribal Nails.

I have a stretched ear, and i was online looking at these gorgeous wooden tribal plugs when i thought that they would look pretty awesome on my nails! They were very fun to paint, as every nail is different so i didn't get bored, and like usual i have a studded accent nail to go with it.

For this manicure i really wanted it to look like wooden tribal designs, so i started by painting my nails the darkest brown i own, and then i started to paint the designs with a lighter colour. I had so many ideas that it made sense to paint a different design on each nail, and i used a long striping brush so i could achieve the detail needed for a tribal design.

I painted all my nails and left the accent nail for last. I simply added a line of glue on my ring finger, and i used these gorgeous oblong gold studs that i got from the bornprettystore a while back. With a dotting tool i placed one horizontally, then placed two vertically beneath it and so on!
Then once everything was dry i applied two coats of Seche Vite.

Right hand:                                                                         Left hand:

The colours used are Rimmel Lycra Pro 359 Little Brown Dress and Manhattan Rock Topia 2

I hope you all like this design as much as i do!
Love Chelsea x


  1. Love this... So stylish! I will definitely not be able to make it! Lovely blog :) xx

  2. Gorgeous! So chic and pretty :) Love the studs!!