Friday, 17 January 2014

My Mascara Routine

For me, no eye shadow look is complete without mascara and it is the main feature. For me, its all about the eyes, everything just looks better with lots of mascara. So seeing as it is my favourite makeup product i thought i would share my mascara routine with you all.

When it comes to mascara, i am very particular about each stage to get the best look possible. I have been blessed with quite long lashes (thanks mum!) so i like to make them look as long as i can so they frame my eyes. 
This is my eye with no make up:

*My eyes are completely bare, no primer or concealer or shadow, so please excuse my dark circles and uneven skin tone*

The first thing i always do when applying mascara is curl my lashes. I get the eyelash curler as close to the roots and possible, and give it a few squeezes.

I love testing out mascaras, and at the moment i am using Maybelline The MegaPlush Volume Express mascara. I absolutely love this mascara, i have been using it for at least a few months now, which is a huge deal because i normally get bored of mascara and become in need of a new one quickly. Its Maybelline's first gel-mousse mascara, and i love that i can apply quite a few coats without my lashes becoming dry and heavy, the lashes feel lovely with mascara, which i guess why its called MegaPlush!


So with this mascara i apply the first coat of mascara:

Then i apply a second coat:

I then apply mascara to my bottom lashes, i use a different mascara for this and at the moment i am using No7 Extreme Length Extend mascara which I'm really liking as the brush lets me get close to the roots.

This is my eye with the no7 applied:

And to finish, i apply one more coat of the Maybelline mascara to my top lashes and I'm done! 
I hope you like my mascara routine, feel free to comment and share any mascara recommendations!

Love Chelsea x


  1. Do you ever separate the lashes and if so what do you use to do that? You're welcome btw....for the long lashes x x x

  2. erm its probably not a very wise method, but i use a safety pin!

  3. I also have the Mega Plush but haven't used it yet. To separate my lashes, I use an old mascara spoolee that I cleaned ;) Its safer that a sfety pin.

    1. use it definitely, I've seen mixed reviews, some love it like me and some don't! and ha that's not a bad idea, I never really need to unclump lashes but I'll pick one up all the same :)

  4. Great post, i love maybelline falsies, and i want to buy their new mascara, it comes with 2 ends x

    Lipsiie- check out my blog :D