Monday, 13 January 2014

Mint Green and Square Studs!

I was a bit lost for inspiration this week, so i had a good old rummage in my nail kit box and realised its been ages since i've used studs, so the manicure grew from that really! Sometimes i just paint and see where it takes me, and everyone loves a bit of spontaneous nail art. So this week we have mint green nail polish with square studs, and an accent nail thrown in for good measure!

For this design i painted all my nails except the ring finger a mint green colour. I LOVE green and without sounding like a five year old its my favourite colour of all time, and i always get a little excited if i see something green. I thought the mint green would contrast well against the silver studs and i was right! 
Then with white acrylic paint i painted the triangles on the top of the nail, and then i painted a silver border. On my ring finger i painted the nail in white, and painted two vertical lines in green on either side.

For the studs, i added a drop of glue to the top of my nail, and picked up a stud using a small dotting tool. When placed on the nail i moved it around until the top of the square stud faced upwards, creating a diamond. 
I did this same technique on my ring finger, but i used three studs and lined them up in the middle of my nail, i then added drops of glue to where the points meet, and then using the same dotting tool i placed some small round studs either side.
I then added two coats of Seche Vite to all the nails.

The colours i used for this manicure was MUA All Nude, Avon SpeedDry+ in Don't Be Jaded and Revlon Nail Enamel in Silver Screen

I hope you like this weeks manicure!
Love Chelsea x