Thursday, 9 January 2014

Loreal Studio Secrets Pro Lip Tint review

I have a confession, i hate having gloss or anything similar on my lips. I hate the texture, i hate the way my long hair will find its way to my lips and then get stuck, they make my lips feel slimy. I'm strange i know! So because of this it means i have a vast collection of matte-ish lipsticks and lip tints. So i thought i would review my favourite lip tint by Loreal and its their Studio Secrets Pro Lip Tint.

This is my favourite lip tint, and as you can see its well worn in! Its my favourite for a number of reasons, it is super easy to apply, and the tapered 'nib' means you can be very precise when outlining your lips. It smells lovely! I find some lip tints to be a bit drying, but this is the opposite, at first your lips feel a bit moist but it soon drys and it feels like you have no product on at all! Unlike lipstick, one application in the morning sees me right through the day, maybe the odd touch up after dinner, but it lasts hours. And lastly the colour, this is in the shade 10 Backstage Pink.

With being so pale, it means that my natural lip colour is a pale pink and if I'm cold my lips lose all their colour, so i often go for shades of lip colour that are close to my natural colour, but give my lips a bolder look. 
These are my lips naked:

And these are my lips with one coat of Loreals Lip Tint:

You can apply more coats for a more dramatic look, but that's not what i use it for. For me, i use lip tint as a way to keep a colour on my lips throughout the day, no matter the weather or lighting.

I would recommend this product to anybody and the Loreal Studio Secrets Lip Tint comes in 4 shades so you can find the colour to suit you
Love Chelsea x


  1. Brilliant Blog! Really informative. ..I dont like lip makeup for the very same reasons so thanks for the tip...I may try it out myself x x x

  2. Thank you, that was very helpful, I'll try this product based on your review!