Saturday, 28 December 2013

Real Techniques brushes review!

I use a makeup brush for absolutely everything, the only thing i apply with my fingers is my under eye concealer, and that is only because the heat makes it blend better. I am always buying trying different brands, from high end to drug store makeup brushes. So i thought i would blog a new makeup brush every now and again until they have all been reviewed! So the first of my brush collection to be reviewed is my Real Techniques Brushes!

So the two face brushes i have from Real Techniques is the Stippling Brush and the Blush Brush. 

This is the Real Techniques Stippling Brush and for those who don't know what a stippling brush does, it helps create a completely flawless finish when using foundation or similar creamy products. This is a flat-top dual-fibre brush so it is able to 'stipple' which is basically where you dip your brush in some foundation so its just the ends of the bristles that has the product. You then dab dab dab across your face, instead of just spreading the product on. In any problem areas, focus your 'dabbing' in that area to give really good coverage. After you have stippled the product on, you can lightly blend the product in circular motions and get rid of all the dot marks! And then you will have your airbrushed foundation look!

I need quite a lot of coverage on my skin, but i also have dry and sensitive skin, so for me this brush gives me a perfect foundation application. I also sometimes use this brush when applying a cream blush, as i can just stipple it into the skin instead of lots of blending which dries my cheeks out more!
I could not recommend this brush enough, it gives you such good coverage whilst making the finished result looking quite natural.

The second Real Techniques brush is their Blush Brush and trust me on this, it is amazing and by far the best brush i have ever owned when it comes to applying blusher.

The shape of this brush is perfect when blushing and contouring my cheeks, you simply put some of your blush to the very top part of the brush, and then apply to your cheek bones whilst moving it in circular motions, and its the bottom bristles that do all the blending and contouring as it fits your cheek perfectly. I've owned this brush for just over 6 months now and i swear by it. I use quite a lot of pink blush as i like the look it gives, but with other brushes i found it much harder to blend, but with this Real Techniques brush it blends the blush into my skin with no hard work done by myself! It truly is a lovely brush.

These are the only brushes i own from Real Techniques at the moment, but i have been saying for a while that i want to get more of the eye makeup brushes so i may treat myself now that its been Christmas! The funny thing is is that I'm not even hesitant to buy them because of how perfect the other two are, they are also so so soft against your skin unlike other makeup brushes that can feel like they are scratching you! So yes, i would recommend these to anybody, you won't be disappointed!

Love, Chelsea x

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  1. Amazing review I've just started collecting the real technique brush and was a bit curious but I think you've convinced me to buy them