Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Its Christmas time and everybody is feeling festive, myself included! And i got stupidly excited when i decided it was time to do some Christmas themed nails! I don't like it when people start doing Christmas nails on the 1st of December, in my opinion its a lot more fun just choosing one Christmas design a year. Last year i had mince pudding nails, so this year i have opted for snowmen! 

The majority of this nail design was created using different sized dotting tools, large for the gathered snow and snowmen shape and smaller ones to create the falling snow and for the snowmen details.

The blue nail polish i used is this gorgeous light blue colour from W7, which unfortunately doesn't have a name. For the snow i used white acrylic paint with NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in 160 Lazy Sundae painted over the top so it made the snow look frosty.

For the snowman's nose i used Essie in Action, and then for the hat and scarf i used BarryM in Magnetic Burgundy and 60 Seconds Rimmel London in 830 Camouflage.

This was really fun to paint and i hope it makes you feel as festive as it did for me!

Merry Christmas everybody!
Chelsea x

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  1. Great little design.
    Happy holidays!