Sunday, 15 December 2013

Boots Haul!

I've needed new toiletries for a while, but what i tend to do is wait and wait and wait until theres lots of things i need, then i get it all in one go from the boots website! My most recent parcel was very exciting with a few free goodies too and i just knew i had to share what i bought!

So first of all i got some hair dye, i need two boxes because my hairs so long! Unfortunately the colour i usually got from the Loreal Feria range wasn't there, so i got a similar colour instead especially because it was on offer, two for £9! I have since dyed it and it has kind of gone a bit wrong, my roots have just changed colour, but still don't match so that's been frustrating!

Then i needed some volumising shampoo and conditioner, i am forever hunting for the perfect shampoo and conditioner, with my hair being so long it needs a lot of love, but i find ones that really condition my hair leave it flat as a pancake! I need volume people! So this time i went for Tresemme Healthy Volume, and again i got it on offer, two for £6!
If you think you know a brand that i should try just let me know!

Right, onto makeup! I've been desperate for a makeup brush cleaner, i have a makeup brush for everything and i don't like it when they have a build up of product on them, so after a bit of research i went for No7 Make Up Brush Cleanser, which is so good that I'll have to do a review of it soon! I also treated myself to yet another makeup brush, this one being the Eye Contour Brush, which is a very soft brush which i plan on using to blend my eyeshadow.

Because i bought two products from No7, I got a free No7 Glamour Gift Box which is worth £27! The packaging was so lovely, but tricky to get into and in my frustration decided to literally rip it open, which i regret now. But anyway, the Gift Box came with a Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner, a No7 High Shine lip gloss, a mini tube of Extreme Length Extend mascara and a No7 eyeshadow. Now that is what i call a gift box! I'm still so chuffed with all the products in the gift box, they have been very generous! 

I love Barry M and i have done for years, i think its the funnest drugstore makeup brand, so i treated myself to an eye shadow in the shade mushroom which is such a good shade for the crease of your eye. I think eyeshadow is what i buy the most of, because you can literally never have enough shades of a single colour! 
I also got a Barry M Blusher in the number 8 shade, which is a very doll like pink to match my pale skin! 

This also came with a free Barry M Glitter Nail Polish, but i already had it so i gave it away to one of the nurses here. I know I'm nice aren't i ;)

I use white eyeliner on my bottom waterline, and the other day i used it and without realising put it against hot straighteners, and it couldn't be saved, white liquid got everywhere, it was very traumatic, so i rebought my eyeliner which is Maybelline New York Expression Kajal in white.

And we've reached the end of all the things i bought, but overall I'm so pleased with all my products! 
If theres anything here that you would like reviewing, don't be scared to ask! 


  1. I've never thought of buying from boots online, I might have to have a nosey! That's so nice of you to give your makeup away, I have the hardest time parting with makeup haha xxx

  2. Its great, when im in the shop i feel rude for pondering in the makeup aisle for so long! So atleast online you've got all the time in the world to choose your makeup :)
    And ha thanks! I have a hard time even sharing some makeup so i know how you feel x

  3. Would love to hear your thoughts on the No7 brush cleanser, I've been eyeing it up for a while and I'm still on the hunt for a good cleaner. Great post, Hollie X


    1. hey honey, I really like it! a little goes a long way and removes all types of makeup, even products like waterproof gel liner! the only con I can think of is that when you pump the lid the cleaner kind of spurts out, you can't precisely add in on a cotton pad, you just got to pump and hope that some actually lands where you wanted it to. but I guess that's a problem for the packaging and not the actual cleanser so I say go for it!